About Technical Assistance

The National Center for Enhanced Post-Adoption Support is a hub for universal and on-site technical assistance and other resources to support states, tribal nations and territories (sites) as they develop, implement and sustain comprehensive, culturally responsive and accessible post-permanency services.

The Post-Adoption Center provides access to various resources that will enable sites to provide practical, culturally responsive services to families that have achieved permanency through adoption or guardianship. The Post-Adoption Center’s services are free of charge, collaborative and driven by justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Types of Technical Assistance

The Post-Adoption Center provides two types of technical assistance to states, tribal nations and territories. They include:

Universal Technical Assistance

Through the Post-Adoption Center website, child welfare professionals can join community peer groups, quarterly Post-Adoption Center chats and webinars that will help them to enhance their programming offered to families that have achieved permanency through adoption or guardianship. Information about these opportunities can be found in the event calendar. Check out these current offerings now, and see how you can plug in to them. We will update the event calendar as new opportunities arise. In addition, the Post-Adoption Center can provide individualized assistance to child welfare professionals looking for specific information related to post-permanency services, such as information about another site’s post-permanency programming. If you can’t find what you are seeking in the resource library, contact us.

On-site Technical Assistance

The Post-Adoption Center provides on-site technical assistance free of charge to states, tribal nations and territories. Starting in June 2024, Post-Adoption Center staff members will begin partnering with five sites and then will add five more sites each year until we reach 25. Our team of experts will provide these partners with onsite technical assistance. Through these partnerships, the sites will receive the technical help they need to ensure that they have in place a comprehensive, post-permanency continuum for children, youth and families who need more intensive support.

  • a comprehensive assessment of the site’s existing post-permanency program,
  • an action plan that describes in detail how to enhance the site’s post-permanency program,
  • assistance implementing the plan,
  • funds to cover some of the costs associated with the implementation, and
  • assistance finding funds to sustain the post-permanency programming.

Let’s talk!

To learn more about on-site technical assistance OR to set up an exploratory meeting, contact Madison Sprague directly through the form below or at 248-234-3206.