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I’m a social worker directly supporting families that have adopted or have been granted guardianship. Can you help me?2024-01-10T09:21:43-05:00

Absolutely! First, we encourage you to explore the resource library. There you can learn more about serving diverse families, understanding core issues in adoption and guardianship, providing trauma-informed care and otherwise enhancing the important work that you do.

You also can participate in events and peer groups to learn more from our team of experts and from your peers across the country about how they are supporting families formed by adoption or guardianship.

If you would like your state, tribal nation or territory to implement a more comprehensive, effective, culturally responsive and accessible array of post-permanency supports, we encourage you to talk with your agency’s leadership about applying for the on-site technical assistance provided by the Post-Adoption Center.

How do I join a peer group?2024-02-01T05:41:31-05:00

If you are a professional who administers, manages, supervises or provides post-permanency support services, the community peer groups are for you. Check out the Peer to Peer page for more information.

I am a parent who has adopted. How can the Post-Adoption Center help me?2024-01-10T09:21:57-05:00

The Post-Adoption Center is designed to help states, tribal nations and territories provide effective, culturally responsive and accessible services to improve their post-permanency supports for families formed by adoption or guardianship. We don’t provide services directly to these families. To find out more about the post-permanency services available in your area, visit AdoptUSKids or Families Rising  (formerly the North American Council on Adoptable Children).

How can you help my state, tribal nation or territory enhance its post-permanency services?2024-01-10T09:22:08-05:00

Each year, the Post-Adoption Center will provide on-site technical assistance free of charge to five sites to help them implement more robust post-permanency supports. Sites that are interested can participate in an exploratory meeting to learn about the services that the Post-Adoption Center can provide and about the funds that it can give to help these sites implement their post-permanency services.

I work for a private agency that provides post-permanency services. Can you help me?2024-01-09T05:31:02-05:00

Yes! Staff members at all levels of private agencies may access the many resources in the Post-Adoption Center’s resource library. They also can join peer groups, participate in events and request individualized assistance.

The Post-Adoption Center can provide on-site technical assistance to states, tribal nations and territories, including private agencies that provide post-permanency services under contract to one of these entities. If your agency provides post-permanency services in partnership with a public child welfare agency, please contact us to talk about your goals so that we can discuss how to engage with the public agency.

Does the Post-Adoption Center have funds to help with enhancing post-permanency programs through technical assistance? 2024-01-09T05:29:37-05:00

 Yes. The Post-Adoption Center has some funds to help implement post-permanency services for those sites that are getting our on-site technical assistance. As part of that assistance, we also will help site leaders to explore funding streams that they can access to use for post-permanency programming. To learn more about sources of funds, check out the Funding for Post-Permanency Services topic in our resource library.

How often is the resource library updated?2024-01-09T05:29:06-05:00

Monthly. The library’s updates include the addition of new resources.

May a child welfare professional recommend articles, webinars, etc., to add to the resource library?2024-01-31T05:58:08-05:00

Yes. Our resources are curated and put through a review process before they are added to the resource library, so only those recommended resources that pass this review process will be added. To recommend a resource, please fill out the contact form and include the resource name and link in your message. You can also send an email to postadoptioncenter@spaulding.org and attach the resource.

May I recommend that families who have adopted review material in the resource library?2024-01-09T05:27:01-05:00

Child welfare professionals are the intended audience for the resource library. Although some of the library’s resources may benefit these families, we do not recommend that they use the resource library as their regular source of information.

May I share the material found in the resource library with colleagues and coworkers who do not work in a post-permanency program area?2024-01-09T05:25:43-05:00

Yes. You may share material found in the resource library with other child welfare professionals. Look for the email icon on the resource to attach it to an email message, or save the document as a PDF file to share it. You may use your personal social media accounts to share material from the resource library as well.

I was unable to download a document. Can the Post-Adoption Center send the document to me?2024-01-14T06:01:09-05:00

Yes. One of our staff members can send you a document that you are unable to download. We also would appreciate your letting us know about any web links that are broken.

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