Tuning in to Teens (TINT) is a parenting program that focuses on emotions and is designed to assist parents to establish better relationships with their adolescents ages 10 -18. TINT is based on the Tuning into Kids parenting program. TINT teaches parents emotions coaching skills as a way of responding to their children in a way that maintains a connected relationship.

The recommended duration of TINT delivery is 6 weekly 2-hour sessions for a lower needs’ community group. 1-2 booster sessions are recommended bi monthly for all groups. TINT can be delivered in a community daily living setting, hospital, outpatient clinic, community-based agency, school setting, or virtual. TINT has materials in English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Norwegian, and Vietnamese.

Increase parents’ awareness/regulation of their own emotions and improve their emotional well-being; Reduce parents’ dismissive or critical reactions to adolescents emotions; Increase parents’ emotion coaching (i.e., supportive, scaffolding responses to emotions) skills with their adolescents; Improve parent-adolescent relationships and reduce conflict; Promote emotional competence in adolescents; Reduce emotional and behavioral difficulties in adolescents.