Trauma Affect Regulation: Guide for Education and Therapy for Adults (TARGET) is an educational and therapeutic approach for the prevention and treatment of traumatic stress disorders. TARGET teaches a seven-step sequence of skills, the FREEDOM Steps, designed to enable participants to recognize, understand, and gain control of stress reactions by enhancing their strengths/abilities for mental focusing, mindfulness, emotion regulation, executive function, and interpersonal engagement/interaction.

TARGET provides a manualized protocol for brief (4-session), time-limited (10-14 sessions), and extended (26+ sessions) individual, group, or couple/family education and therapy. TARGET can be delivered in community, outpatient, inpatient, residential treatment, shelter, workplace, correctional, or healthcare settings. TARGET has created adaptations to their curriculum to accommodate different populations, including Adolescents, Adults, Families, Agency Staff and Supervisors. TARGET has materials in English, Dutch and Spanish.

Reduction in severe PTSD symptoms and remission from diagnostic PTSD; Enhanced capacities for emotion regulation and stress/anxiety management; Reduction in biopsychosocially impairing stress reactions; Reduction in severe anxiety, depression, guilt, and shame; Reduction in persistent complicated bereavement; Reduction in severe problems with anger and aggression; Reduction in severe problems with psychoform and somatoform dissociation; Increased ability to maintain sobriety in recovery from addictive disorders; Reduction in non-suicidal self-injury; Increased self-efficacy and dispositional hope/optimism.