The Together Facing the Challenge (TFTC) is a consultation approach to improve the skills of foster parents and their agency staff. The model focuses on the in-home intervention elements (and creating skill levels to implement strategies effectively) and on the important role of supervision and coaching in helping foster parents work effectively. So, the approach includes training/consultation for agency staff and practical parenting training for foster parents. TFTC is designed as a train-the-trainer where staff personnel can learn the model and then train foster parents.

The TFTC train-the-trainer event is 3-days, while training for foster parents typically occurs as a 7-session course with one 2-hour session every other week. Training for foster parents should be completed within 6 months of agency staff attending the train-the-trainer. TFTC has materials available in English and Spanish.

Both foster parents and agency staff will: Build therapeutic relationships; Perform and teach cooperation skills; Implement effective parenting techniques (communicate effectively, set expectations, reinforce positive behavior, avoid power struggles, etc.); Prepare youth for their future by teaching independence skills; Create a positive home environment through family fun time, taking care of self, family meetings, etc.; and Improve outcomes for youth served in therapeutic foster care settings.