The Family Check-Up (FCU) model is a family-based intervention that targets adolescent problem behavior and promotes positive family management. The FCU has two phases: (1) Initial assessment and feedback; and (2) Parent management training (Everyday Parenting) which focuses on positive behavior support, limit setting, and relationship building. Phase 2 can also include family counseling, individualized services, or other support services. FCU is appropriate for families with children ages 2-17.

Phase 1 of FCU is 3 1-hour sessions at 1-2 weeks apart. Phase 2 delivery can vary, but 1 one-hour session every two weeks with a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended. Service delivery is usually 1 to 4 months depending on the needs of the family. FCU can be integrated into many service settings including school, family home, hospital, outpatient clinic, community-based agency, and virtually. FCU also has materials available in English, Spanish, and Swedish.

Improve children’s social and emotional adjustment by providing assessment- driven support for parents to encourage and support positive parenting, and to reduce coercive conflict.