Teaching-Family Model (TFM) is a strength-based, comprehensive, and trauma-informed model of care that prioritizes therapeutic relationships with caregivers as the primary conduit of effective treatment in supportive family-style settings. TFM can be used with children, youth and adults with a wide range of diagnoses and symptoms, as well as with those who have experienced significant trauma, maltreatment and loss.

TFM has been applied in residential group homes, home-based services, foster care and treatment foster care, schools and psychiatric institutions. For residential settings, TFM is a 24/7 arrangement. For home-based interventions, TFM is 10-15 sessions per week. Recommended duration of TFM is 9 months. The duration for home-based settings is typically 6-10 weeks.

Improved outcomes related to mental health; Reduced restrictiveness of living; Reunification with family; and Personalized goals identified by client and client’s family.