Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) is a multicomponent parenting education curriculum. STEP programs help parents learn effective ways to relate to their children, learn how to encourage cooperative behavior and how not to reinforce negative behaviors, and change dysfunctional relationships with their children by offering alternatives to ineffective methods of discipline and control STEP is offered in three separate programs: early childhood, children ages 7-12, and teenagers.

STEP programs have weekly, 60-90-minute sessions. The program lasts around 7 weeks. Delivery of STEP can take place in the family home, hospital, outpatient clinic, community-based agency, group or residential care, and school. STEP has materials available in English and Spanish.

Increased ability to identify goals of misbehavior; Increased alternatives to misbehaviors; Increased encouragement skills; Increased skill in communication; Increased skill in cooperation (parental and child); Increased skill in discipline; Increased skill in choosing parenting approach; Increase child self-esteem and confidence; and Decreased inappropriate parental behaviors in disciplining children and teens.