Step-by-Step Parenting Program is evidence-based and focuses on teaching skills to parents with learning differences, including parents who have intellectual disabilities, FASD, autism spectrum disorder, acquired brain injury, slow learners, learning disabilities, and low-reading skills. Program can also be beneficial to inexperienced parents and caregivers, child-care workers and babysitters. Step-by-Step breaks down and teaches essential child-care skills for children from birth to about 3 years old into small steps. Covers a wide-range of parenting skills related to child health, safety, and development. The recommended service delivery is 1 home visit per week lasting 1.5-2 hours; the number of visits can be extended per week if there are many needs. The duration of Step-by-Step is usually two years, but the length may be less or more depending on the number of goals and the rate of achievement of goals.

Help the family organize supports and services to meet the family’s needs and keep the child safe; Increase parenting skills to reduce the risk of, or actual, child neglect through in-home step-by-step parent training; Improve child health, development, and behavior problems related to parenting skill deficits; Have the caregivers maintain learned skills over time; Have the caregivers generalize learned skills to all situations in which they are needed; Reduce need for out-of-home care placements and permanent removal of the child; Help caregivers to decrease reliance on paid supports; Help caregivers to develop a natural support network for the family.