Silver Lining Mentoring is a one-to-one volunteer program that matches youth (ages 7 and older) with caring, consistent adult volunteers. Mentors volunteers commit to at least one year of mentoring, however, most matches last significantly longer. The average match length for mentors is 55 months. Mentors are thoroughly screened and provided with at least 7 hours of training. Mentors spend at least 8 hours with their mentee, which includes in-person meetings, contact by phone, email etc. Mentors and mentees participate in various activities in the community or in the home. These activities encourage social development, and give youth opportunities to learn new skills and build strong relationships with their mentors. Clinically trained staff provide support to each mentor/mentee match.

Achieve consistent positive relationships, improve social skills, build resiliency, acquire independent living skills, promote educational progression, obtain employment readiness, obtain financial literacy.