Signs of Safety is a relationship-grounded, safety-organized approach to child protection practice. It was created by child protection workers for child protection workers to build partnerships with parents and children in situations of suspected or substantiated child abuse and still deal with maltreatment issues. Signs of Safety includes a risk assessment framework that is used together with families from case start to finish. Signs of Safety also includes a series of tools designed to get children’s voice on what is happening to them in the care of adults and safety planning together with children and families. Signs of Safety has materials available in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Swedish.

Enable professionals to undertake all child protection practice with a rigorous focus on child safety by equipping agencies to establish their practice, policy, procedures and organisation, so that professionals can do everything humanly possible to put the parents, children and everyone naturally connected to the children at the centre of the assessment, decision-making and planning and give them every opportunity to come up with and apply their ideas before the professionals offer or impose theirs.