SafeCare is an evidence-based, home visitation program that promotes positive parent-child interactions, informed caregiver response to childhood illness and injury, and a safe home environment. The program is designed for caregivers of children ages 0 – 5 who are either at risk or have a history of maltreatment. The curriculum includes three module areas: (1) Home Safety, (2) Health, (3) Caregiver-Child Interaction.

SafeCare has weekly 1 – 1.5-hour sessions for approximately 18 – 20 weeks. Length of service can vary because it is dependent on caregivers’ progress. Providers work with caregivers until they meet a set of skill-based criteria established for each of the three modules. The sessions are provided in the family home when possible. Virtual SafeCare sessions can be an option for families with unique needs. SafeCare has materials in English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Reduce future incidents of child maltreatment; Increase positive parent-child interaction; Improve how parents care for their children’s health; Enhance home safety and parent supervision.