Parenting Wisely are self-administered, highly interactive computer-based programs that teaches caregivers and children skills to improve their relationships and decrease conflict through support and behavior management. Parenting Wisely offers multiple programs to meet the needs of caregivers: Teen Edition (ages 11 – 18) and Young Child Edition (ages 3 – 11). The program is flexible and can be delivered online individually, in groups, or in individual sessions with clinicians. In each edition, caregivers can learn at their own pace by navigating through detailed scenarios, tutorials, question and answer sections, and quizzes. The programs can be completed in 3-5 hours. The Young Children and Teen editions are also available in English and Spanish.

Reduction in child problem behavior; Improvement in family relationships; Improvements in parenting self-efficacy and parenting satisfaction; Improvements in parenting knowledge; Reduction in use of physical punishment.