The Parent Peer Coaching Program is a flexible supplemental service offered by Estella Swain, an experienced adoptive parent and peer parent coach with extensive knowledge and expertise in trauma-informed practices and principles, to adoptive families seeking individualized support, education, cultural connections, and resources to help them thrive. The Parent Peer Coaching Services offer a comprehensive approach tailored to the individual needs, family makeup, and complexities of adoptive families. One-on-one sessions are scheduled up to one hour each week or as needed, and has an individualized fee of $100.00 per session. The Parent Peer Coaching Program can be adapted to meet the needs of an agency’s goals and mission.

Formulate a plan to address family needs that can and will be flexible as the work progresses; Help parents explore common challenging behaviors and develop practical plans for addressing them from a trauma informed perspective; can guide parents in understanding the emotional issues behind challenging behaviors and teaching them effective regulation skills for managing stress in the moment; and Provide guidance on transitioning adopted children home.