The New Confident Parenting Program (NPC) uses a cognitive-behavioral orientation to train caregivers in using non-violent child management skills in their relationships with children (2 – 12 years old) who are experiencing behavior or emotional problems. Parents are also encouraged to use such skills in relating to spouses and other adults. It was originally developed in the 1970s in child mental health settings and has become the program of choice in many other human service and educational settings since that time.

The NPC is designed as a ten-session program to be used with small groups of parents for 10 consecutive weeks, with either monthly booster sessions; or the opportunity to take the entire program for a second time. Each weekly session for some or all units of instruction lasts around two-hours. NPC can be conducted in the home, hospital, outpatient clinic, residential care, community-based agency, or school.

Prevent and Treat Child Abuse; Prevent and Treat Child Behavior Disorders; Reduce Parental Stress; Reduce Parental Contributors to Child Substance Abuse; Improve Child School Performance; Cope Better with the Effects of Racism and Prejudice; Teach Tolerance; Strengthen Family Cohesion