LSCI is a brain-based, trauma-informed interactive therapeutic strategy for turning crisis situations into learning opportunities for children and youth with chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviors. LSCI views problems or stressful incidents as opportunities for learning, growth, insight, and change. This non-physical intervention program uses a multi-theoretical approach to behavior management and problem solving.

LSCI teaches professionals and parents the therapeutic talking strategies they will need to help children during stressful moments, as well as the awareness and skills to understand and manage their own feelings and counter-aggressive tendencies when intervening with aggressive or out-of-control behaviors by using a 6-step process. LSCI offers a course for parents (LSCI Skills for Parents) that teaches parents and caregivers the fundamental concepts of LSCI in a 2-hour, 1-day, 2-day and/or 8-session group training programs. LSCI has materials available in English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Adults learn what to do when a youth: Acts out in stress toward unsuspecting helpers, sparking explosive and endless power struggles; Makes poor decisions based on distorted thought patterns and perceptual errors; Has the right intentions and motivation but lacks the social skills to be successful; Is purposefully aggressive and exploits others with little conscience; Acts in self-damaging ways due to being burdened with shame and inadequacy; Becomes entangled in destructive peer relationships and is vulnerable to manipulation.