Family Connections (FC) is a multifaceted, community-based service program that works with vulnerable families in their homes and in the context of their neighborhoods to help them meet the basic needs of their children and prevent child maltreatment. The target population is families with children (birth to 18) who meet risk criteria for child maltreatment (criteria are adapted based on geographic differences). Children must have lived in the home of the primary caregiver for 6 months or more.
FC should be delivered a minimum of one hour of face-to-face contact between the social worker and client weekly. The duration of service delivery is 3 to 4 with an optional 90-day extension if needed.

Strengthen family functioning; Enhance social supports; Build positive parenting attitudes; Reduce parenting stress; Strengthen family resources; Strengthen household safety and stability; Support families to meet the basic needs of their children; Reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.