DCCTF’s Effective Black Parenting Program (EBPP) is a parenting skill-building program created specifically for African American children caregivers. The program aims to promote family pride and cohesion and to help families cope with the negative effects of racism. This is accomplished through participants learning culturally sensitive and specific parenting strategies. The program also addresses topics of drug use, single parenting, and child abuse. Homework projects are also required, including behavior change projects with children, bringing in members of the extended black family to participate, using family rules, etc.

EBPP was originally designed as a weekly three-hour 15-session program used with small groups of caregivers. A one-day 6.5-hour seminar version has been created for large numbers of caregivers. The program can be delivered at home, outpatient clinics, and community-based agencies.

Prevent and treat child abuse; Prevent and treat child behavior disorders; Promote cultural pride; Reduce parental stress; Prevent and treat child and parent substance abuse; Improve child school behavior and performance; Strengthen family cohesion; Cope better with racism and prejudice; Avoid cultural self-disparagement; Teach tolerance.