Children with Problematic Sexual Behavior Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Program (PSB-CBT) serves families with youth who have demonstrated sexual behavior problems. PSB-CBT treats youth across three age groups: ages 3 – 6, ages 7 – 12 (with modification for youth up to age 14), and ages 13 – 18.

Treatment can be provided in either a family or group modality and is typically delivered in an out-patient clinic. The average duration of treatment delivery is 4 to 5 months, but this can vary by age group. Caregivers are taught how to supervise children, teach and implement rules in the home, communicate about sex education, and reduce behavior problems utilizing behavior parent training strategies. Children acknowledge the previous breaking of sexual behavior rules, learn coping and self-control strategies, and develop a plan on how to keep rules going in the future.

Eliminate or reduce problematic sexual behavior; Improve child behavior via better parental monitoring, supervision, and behavior management skills; Improve parent-child interaction and communication; Improve coping, self-control, and social skills.