CRP provides home- and community-based services to help children/adolescents with mental health challenges transition back to the community from out-of-home placements, such as residential treatment centers (RTCs), hospitals, foster homes, and shelters.

After a youth is determined eligible for this program, a care coordinator works with the caregiver, school, RTC, and other professionals to develop a wraparound plan to help ensure a successful and permanent placement. Once this is in place, the youth returns home and weekly team meetings are held to make sure all of the youth and family’s needs are addressed in all areas (safety, physical & mental health, social, educational, etc.). This phase can occur for up to 6 months. As the youth makes improvements and the family demonstrates they are able to meet his or her needs, services are reduced until the youth graduates from services. The youth will remain connected to community supports.

Reduce the number of children/adolescents involved in the child welfare system due to their mental health needs by exiting children/adolescents from licensed care and reintegrating with caregivers in their home community. These caregivers are biological parents, adoptive parents, relatives, and fictive kin.