Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is a play-based treatment program for young children presenting with behavioral, emotional, social and attachment concerns. CPRT is a way to strengthen the relationship between a parent and child by using 30-minute play times once a week. CPRT is an intervention grounded in the child-centered play therapy philosophy. In CPRT, parents are taught specific skills that focus on enhancing a secure attachment with their child and helping parents attune to and respond to their child’s underlying needs to address symptoms. Parents also learn to effectively limit their child’s misbehavior. CPRT was developed for children ages 3 – 8, but has been adapted for use with toddlers and pre-adolescents.

CPRT is typically administered in 10 weekly, 2-hour group sessions with 5 – 8 parents. During sessions 1 – 3, parents learn skills and prepare for upcoming play sessions with their child. In session 4 – 10, parents practice their new skills with their child and certified CPRT facilitator provides feedback. CPRT has materials available in English, Chinese, Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Strengthen the quality of the parent-child attachment bond as a means of reducing child behavior problems and stress in the parent-child relationship.