Catawba County Social Services Success Coach Service program provides the following services free of charge to adoptive families: connecting families to community resources, helping parents assess child’s needs, providing adoption education and training, offering opportunities to connect with other adoptive families, offering support for special school needs, helping families manage crisis, providing individual, family, and group counseling, and teaching parenting strategies that work. Services are usually provided monthly via face-to-face sessions for 1 to 3 hours with the family. However, sessions can be completed through virtual means, community visits, or other settings to meet the needs of the family. Duration of services typically last up to 2 years. Services are also provided in Spanish.

Reduce risk of repeat maltreatment; Reduce the risk of reentry to foster care (placement stability); Increase social support for the family; Increase family self-sufficiency; Increase family’s ability to manage crises; Increase parenting skills; Increase parent’s ability to advocate for and access services; and Increase parent’s ability to access medical and mental health services.