The Beyond Consequences is a relationship model that focuses on moving families from surviving to thriving. It is a healing model, not a behavioral model and it is based on 5 main principles: Development, Relationships, Stress and Regulation, Environment and Belief systems.

Beyond Consequences Institute offers educational materials, training programs and valuable resources for parents, professionals and teachers working with trauma-impacted children by using positive parenting techniques.

Help the child regain areas of his/her development that are lacking through developmental re-­tracking; Equip the family system to be the curative agent for the child’s healing process so that healing happens in the home environment within the context of the parent/child relationship; Reduce the stress in the child’s life to ensure the child is working within the stress level most optimal to the child’s nervous system; Allow past traumatic experiences and the stored up survival energy from the trauma to be dissipated with the support of the parents interactions in everyday life; Build the child’s window of stress tolerance to equip the child to function appropriately outside of the home environment; Equip parents with love-­based parenting techniques that de-­escalate negative behaviors through boundaries, regulation, and emotionally safe interactions; Empower parents to understand their own reactivity when raising a child who resonates at a high level of stress and overwhelm; Help parents identify associational connections to their own childhoods that may be triggering them; Create a healing environment in the home for the child to learn the importance of the family structure and to have positive, patterned, and successful experiences within a family system; Re-­build the child’s belief system that the world is safe and that the child is lovable, worthy, and deserving of unconditional love.