Family Behavior Therapy (FBT) for adolescents is a comprehensive outpatient behavioral treatment that has, in controlled clinical trials, reduced drug and alcohol use, depression, family discord, school and work non-attendance, and conduct problems. FBT includes a menu of essential intervention components, including
(1) Structured program orientation that includes prompts to gain feedback from clients and review issues;
(2) Treatment planning options that are prioritized by the client and family;
(3) Communication skills training exercises to develop positive relationships;
(4) Job getting skills training to teach clients and family how to do well in job interviews;
(5) A self-control intervention where client and family learn to identify and manage triggers.
(6) A stimulus control intervention where clients and family learn to restructure their environment to eliminate/manage negative emotions;
(7) Tele-therapy with clients and significant others.
Treatment is typically conducted in an outpatient clinic by a trained mental health professional. It starts with 1- to 2-hour initial outpatient once or twice in the first week then it varies depending on multiple factors that are determined between the client, client’s family, and treatment provider (e.g., population, setting, intensity of treatment plan, effort). Recommended duration is typically 6 months to 1 year, but varies depending on multiple factors. FBT has materials available in English and Spanish.

Increase avoidance of alcohol and drug use, Optimize mood and mental strength and stability, Optimize conduct, Optimize family functioning, Increase the number of days in school/work