This video and discussion program are for parents of preteens and teens. Active Parenting of Teens, either alone or in conjunction with Teens in Action (called, Active Parenting of teens: Families in Action) would only need some additional discussion of issues related to adoption for the adoption population. Another curriculum based on the same AP model of parenting is called, Active Parenting in Step-families. In addition to all of the basic AP skills and concepts, it has a strong focus on how to build a new family when people come together with different histories. Such concepts as coping with loss, developing family guidelines, and other issues that apply to blended families could easily be adapted for adoptive families.

Trainers of Active Parenting of Teens are able to be flexible with the content. Parenting classes can be 2, 3, 4, or 6 sessions, depending on the needs of the parents. The content is available to be translated into multiple formats: video and discussion program, video series, lunch and learn course, and online. An optional PowerPoint presentation is also available for trainer use with or without video. The program features videos of a variety of typical family situations involving pre-teens and teens depicted by professional actors, group discussions, and activities. This program has also been adapted for Spanish-speaking parents. Services may be provided in a community agency, group home, hospital, outpatient clinic, or school.

1. Teach parents a comprehensive model of parenting that will better enable their teens to survive and thrive in a modern democratic society 2. Decrease the amount of parent-teen relationship problems 3. Improve teen behavior 4. Improve teen welfare/well-being