1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 is a simple, group format discipline program for caregivers of children 2-12 years of age. The program can be used with average or special needs children. 1-2-3 Magic divides parenting responsibilities into three straightforward tasks: (1) controlling negative behavior, (2) encouraging good behavior, and (3) strengthening child-caregiver relationships. 1-2-3 Magic encourages gentle, but firm discipline without arguing, yelling, or spanking

The recommended duration for this program is one to two, 1.5-hour sessions per week for 4-8 weeks. Services are provided in the family home, community agency, hospital, outpatient clinic, residential care facility, or a school setting by a trained mental health professional or teacher. 1-2-3 Magic has materials available in English and Spanish.

Be able to use one simple tactic to manage obnoxious behavior without arguing, yelling, or spanking; Be able to use six different tactics for encouraging routines for positive behavior; Master four strategies for strengthening relationships with children; Understand how to recognize and manage the six kinds of testing and manipulation; and Learn appropriate expectations for children’s behavior.